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So we've made some changes recently and while we're still bringing our customers quality furniture it was time to upgrade some things.......

After I tore my hamstring pretty badly on the day of the AFL grand final. And before you ask it wasn’t playing football at the MCG but lifting a chunk of Cypress into my trailer. It was at this point I couldn't put it off any longer. We needed something to do the heavy lifting so I wouldn't feel the need to do something stupid like single handedly attempting to move timber logs. 

I'd been wanting one for awhile, years in fact. So the incident on the morning of the Grand Final wasn't the only final straw to break.... And as we've been collecting more and more logs that had come down on farms in the area, the time had finally come to get a Backhoe Loader. It was just prior to Christmas and you guessed it, all my Christmas' had come at once. Lifting packs of timber into the workshops, loading product out of the workshop, putting logs into the mill with ease, moving racked out packs of timber aside. 

It's been a life changer for the business and most of all my hammy's, back and general wellbeing are super relieved......

Stay tuned for more on the progress and direction S&S are heading.


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